Eridona Selita

functional analyst at imec, Ghent, Belgium

Eridona Selita
“Albania’s culinary treasures blend delightful Mediterranean influences from Italy and Greece.”

Journey of culture, flavor, and beloved treasures

Eridona Selita grew up in the Northeast of Albania in a town called Burrel. Afterward, she moved to Tirana, the capital of Albania, for higher education and career. She lived there for eight years before moving to Hasselt in Belgium in 2021 to pursue a master’s degree in Transport Science. Eridona joined imec in 2023 and relocated to Ghent.

tirana - tirana artificial lake
Tirana - Tirana artificial lake

Discovering uncharted horizons

Eridona cherished her childhood in Albania, delighting in playing and chatting with her cousins. Their simple life, with television as their only digital technology, brought her genuine happiness and innocence. With the unwavering support of her family, she made the tough decision to leave her homeland behind and chase her dreams. She completed a master’s degree in Transportation Science at Hasselt University in Belgium.

Upon her arrival in Belgium, Eridona faced the challenge of adapting to a new environment and culture. However, armed with determination and an open mind, she eagerly embraced the changes and fully immersed herself in the vibrant university life in Hasselt. Balancing her academic pursuits with the rewarding responsibility of being a new mother, she embarked on a beautiful yet challenging journey of living dual roles. Later on, together with her husband and daughter, she entered a new chapter in their lives, relocating to Ghent. There, they discovered that living in Belgium not only enriched them culturally but also provided a high quality of life, particularly concerning education and healthcare.

Looking back on her journey today, Eridona expresses deep gratitude for the experiences and opportunities that living abroad bestowed on her. Despite the initial challenges, deciding to move has enriched her life in unforeseen ways, exposing her to diverse cultures, nurturing her resilience, and creating cherished memories from this remarkable adventure.

Albania’s mediterranean flavors

Albania’s culture and cuisine bear the delightful influences of its Mediterranean neighbors, Italy and Greece. The country’s culinary treasures include stuffed eggplant and peppers, a traditional delicacy featuring roasted vegetables filled with a flavorful mixture of minced meat, rice, herbs, and spices. The symphony of textures and tastes in this dish leaves a lasting impression. Another culinarygem is Pulë me Qull a dish featuring slowcooked chicken, simmered in a mixture of corn flour pre-cooked with water. However, one of the most popular and beloved foods is Burek. This delectable treat consists of thin, flaky layers of dough enveloping various fillings like cheese, meat, or spinach, creating a mouthwatering delight enjoyed throughout Albania. Whether a hearty breakfast or a delightful snack, burek captures the essence of Albanian cuisine’s fusion of flavors.

Must see

Explore the vibrant Blloku district in Tirana to discover the city’s trendy cafes, bars, and street art.

Eridona’s must-see villages and cities

Eridona recommends places that reflect her heritage brightly. Villages like Theth or Valbona in the Albanian Alps are renowned for their breathtaking natural beauty, featuring majestic mountains, crystal-clear rivers, and picturesque landscapes. Hikers will particularly relish these villages, as they offer numerous trails and many opportunities for outdoor activities.

theth - a little catholic church
Theth - A little Catholic church
valbona - valbona valley national park
Valbona - Valbona Valley National Park
berat - byzantine church
Berat - Byzantine church

Tirana’s bustling capital city exhibits a dynamic blend of modern and communist-era architecture, creating a vibrant atmosphere. On the Adriatic Sea’s coast, just west of Tirana, lies Durres, one of Albania’s oldest and most significant cities. With archaeological sites and stunning beaches, Durres features a rich history dating back to the ancient Illyrians and later the Roman Empire.

Eridona holds Berat dear to her heart, and it’s no wonder why. As a UNESCO world heritage site, this City of a Thousand Windows delights visitors with its immaculately preserved Ottoman-era houses. Berat’s unique architecture and delectable traditional cuisine make it a cherished and sought-after destination.


Additionally, the southern region of Albania is a true gem, with its pristine waters, stunning beaches, and vibrant ambiance. Among these treasures, Ksamil stands out as the Maldives of Europe, mesmerizing travelers with its surreal turquoise waters and enchanting islands, creating a paradise-like haven that leaves all who visit in awe and wonder.